(n) the love of beauty
Derrick Jensen, A Language Older Than Words 
“This is not political theory. It is not philosophy. It is not religion. It is remembering what it is to be a human being- an animal. It is remembering what it means to love, and to be alive. It is to learn the power of the word no. No more clearcuts. No more tumors on turtles. No more genocide. No more slavery, neither are own nor others.”
Derrick Jensen, A Language Older Than Words
“Schooling as it presently exists, like science before it and religion before that, is necessary to the continuation of our culture and to the spawning of a new species of human, ever more submissive to authority, ever more pliant, prepared, by thirteen years of sitting and receiving, sitting and regurgitating, sitting and waiting for the end, prepared for the rest of their lives to toil, to propagate, to never make waves, and to live each day with never an original thought nor even a shred of hope.”
Derrick Jensen, A Language Older Than Words.
“The boundaries of the concentration camp are not made up of landmines and electrified wire. There are no gaurds posted to shoot us if we stray. We need not take the whip from the hands of the gaurds, nor use it to strike those beneath us. It’s all much simpler than that. We need only to walk away, and re-enter the world in all it’s unity.”

I won’t watch you
grow old.
I’m not so good
that I would watch you
grow old.

Distance doesn’t make
the heart grow fonder.

It makes the heart grow

It gives the heart

It allows the heart
a way out of

I can’t care for you.

I’m not good enough
to care for you.
I don’t want to be
good enough
to care for you.

It took me years
to see myself
Even still
I can’t.

Thank you
for giving me
With clarity
eventually comes

With peace

Vanessa Lorraine Phillips